2018 Special Focus: How Art Makes Things Happen—Situating Social Practice in Research, Practice, and Action

Social Practice endeavours to model, perform, and enact new and more just ways to live in the world together. It provides an active site from which to investigate the intentions and capacities of social activations mediated by artistic processes. Social Practice takes form in public spaces, community sites, and relational settings, drawing upon a wide range of material, conceptual, and transdisciplinary approaches. As this area of practice continues to expand into academic and cultural institutions around the world, hosting this special focus within the context of this conference presents the opportunity to explore the field at an international scale.

Within the conference, guests, attendees, participants, and presenters will have the opportunity to explore this special focus and more through a range of engaging discursive and experimental gatherings. These opportunities include but are not limited to: perambulating dialogical spaces; discursive forms of hospitality and sustenance; agonistic exchanges; off-site and time-insensitive forms of sharing and archiving; and public tracings and mappings of key questions and concerns.

All submissions for the 2018 Arts in Society Conference and its special focus, “How Art Makes Things Happen—Situating Social Practice in Research, Practice, and Action,” in particular, are warmly encouraged to propose unexpected, convivial, and relational ways to engage their topic for a multi-disciplinary and diverse audience.

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