Helena Grácio

Helena Grácio graduated with a degree in Industrial Design in 2001 from Lusíada University of Lisbon, and she completed her post-graduate studies in Contemporary Jewelry at the Colege of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon, in 2005.

As part of her doctoral research, Helena founded Crafts2Design, a nonprofit association which aims to promote and safeguard cultural heritage through the interaction of design practice with crafts.

Helena is currently a research member at CIAUD and at Arts and Design at the Interdisciplinary Center for Educational Studies of the Lisbon Higher Education School. She is also president of Crafts2Design Cultural Association and Assistant Professor at the School of Education, Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon, where she teaches in curricular unities in the design field. Helena regularly publishes national and international articles in specialized journals and frequently participates in international and national congresses in the design field.