About the Conference Photo

The building in the background of the photo is the Old Quadrangle of the University. The Quadrangle building, constructed out of local limestone in a Tudor Gothic architectural style, is modeled on Christ Church at the University of Oxford. The 'Quad' still stands proudly at the heart of the University today as a testament to its past.

The performing troupe are from the theatre and street performance company Macnas. Macnas are a mainstay in the theatre and festival life of Galway and, since their establishment in 1986, have developed a national and international reputation as a creative, innovative, and energizing performing company.

This image identifies the performing arts as a real and living aspect of the arts in Irish society and its links with the University. The looks of curiosity, puzzlement, shock, and amazement on the faces of the troupe members can be interpreted as that of a group of artists looking at current events and trying to make sense of them.