​Alexandra Bidet to Speak at the 2017 Arts in Society Conference

  • 2017-05-05

We are excited to announce that Alexandra Bidet will be speaking at the Twelfth International Conference on The Arts in Society.

    Alexandra Bidet is a sociologist researcher in the french National Center for Scientific Research (Paris). Her research are interested in work as an embodied experience, where gestures matter. She studies the genesis of valuations within daily activities, and pays attention to the inquiries led by workers, citizens or mere passer-by on what to desire or to care about. She is the author of L’engagement dans le travail. Qu’est-ce que le vrai boulot? (PUF, 2011). Among many articles, she wrote "Le corps, le rythme et l’esthétique sociale chez André Leroi-Gourhan" (Body, Rhythm and Social Aesthetics in the works of André Leroi-Gourhan). She published a paper on the Ethicized and Public Dimensions of Work in the European Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophy. The last book she co-edited, "Penser le travail pour penser l’entreprise," has just received the 2017 Award for the Best Book on the world of work, category experts.

    Learn more about the 2017 conference here.