Linn Meyers: Seeing Sound Waves

  • 2018-10-22
  • The American Scholar

Using nothing but ink and a brush, Meyers paints directly onto the wall and lets the architecture of each space influence her final composition. Her most recent exhibitions for the Bowdoin College Museum of Art—titled “Let’s Get Lost” and “Listening Glass”—were born out of a partnership with sound artists Rebecca Bray and James Bigbee Garver, and software designer Josh Knowles. In the exhibition, visitors are asked to read Meyers’s painting using a smartphone app, which then plays a musical composition based on the form of her painting. Here, Meyers discusses her practice and how the exhibition was created with students in mind and why it responds to 21st-century technology.

The students there are learning about technology, visual art, and the intersections between art and science. We know how excited people are at that time in their lives to encounter new ideas.